Who’s after your Children?

Today, online paedophiles can be likened to the “Pied Piper”. Only instead of using a pipe to lure your children away, they use the Internet instead.

Internet crime against children by online predators is growing at an alarming rate.

protecting childrenPaedophilia is a common and escalating crime, therefore it is important to make your children aware of such activities. Talk to them, learn what your child is doing and whom they are communicating with online. Such monitoring done in a caring and delicate way so as not to appear to be spying, could save your child from becoming a Pedophiles next victim.

The following simple rules will help protect your child.

  1. If possible have the computer in a Communal Family Area. This will enable your to monitor activity in a casual manner.
  2. Schedule Internet Time, depending on the age of the child. Do not allow the computer and social networks to take over the child’s life. The computer cannot develop the life skills that your child will achieve from real face to face encounters.
  3. Talk to your child about their online activities, set ground rules as to what is and what is not allowed. Pay your child attention, this will avoid them seeking attention via the internet from strangers. Such attention seeking makes it easy for the predator to groom the child.
  4. If the child breaks the rules there must be a punishment, if there are no consequences a child will continue to break the rules.
  5. Be aware of what other computers your children may be using. Make sure you know and approve of your child’s social contact and activities.
  6. Limit the amount of Personal Information such as address, date of birth, mobile number etc, that your child is posting on social networking sites.
  7. Install Spyware and Internet Filters, such examples are Net. Nanny and Cyber Sitter. This will enable you to regulate what websites your child is visiting and avoid them deliberately or accidently entering pornographic sites, gambling web sites and adult content web sites.

Report to the Police and the relevant Internet Service Provider (ISP) any of the following:

      1. Anyone who sends an inappropriate or sexual content e-mail to your child.
      2. Engages in sexually explicit dialogue online with your child.
      3. Engages in inappropriate web cam or VOIP (Internet phone calls) with your chid.

It is clear to see by the vocabulary and grammar used that an adult is posing as a child. If in any doubt, contact the Police.

The more you communicate with your child the less likely they are to become a victim.

Remember there is no such thing as a Stereotype Predator. Recent convicted paedophiles include Judges, Social Workers, Priests, Policemen, Bus Drivers, Youth Workers, etc.

Anyone of Any Age, Social Background, Occupation or Nationality could present a Threat.

Be Aware! Be Safe!

In conclusion, Eurolink Security Installations and Eurolink Information Technology specialise in providing protection.