Specialist Security Services

Specialist Security Services

Eurolink provides a range of tailor made specialist services to the individual and corporate client and to government bodies. Our operatives are drawn from specialist elements within the military, police and government agencies. We understand that confidentiality is critical and that discreet implementation of our protocols is paramount.

Our services include:
Close protection is becoming an increasing requirement for dignitaries, celebrities, VIPs and their families. Such people may be subject to harassment or threats at home or abroad. Close protection allows the individual to go about their business whilst at the same time having the reassurance provided by well planned and executed protection.

  • Surveillance awareness measures and counter measures e.g. De-bugging.
  • Kidnap and ransom demand
  • Evasive and defensive driving training
  • Self defence strategies, vehicle exit drills and protection protocols
  • Preparation of risk area itinerary protocols and cultural awareness
  • Corporate drug testing, polygraphic lie detection tests
  • Corporate investigations
  • Employee vetting

We understand the requirement for total discretion and confidentiality. All our operatives are vetted to obtain high-level security clearance. Therefore by appointing the Eurolink Security and Technology Group to adopt full responsibility for all protection measures, sensitive information and security details are contained within the team and thereby minimising the risk of compromise to our clients.

Eurolink provides a range of tailor made specialist services to individuals, corporate clients and to government bodies

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