Security Systems to Protect Your Home

The Police and Government have now come clean. Surprise, Surprise, Violent Crime and Burglary are officially on the increase!

This fact has been known by the Public for many years – that the Police Service and Government have blatantly lied and massaged the crime figures for political ends.

eurolink security police lineEconomic factors cause desperation that results in a significant increase in crime. Therefore in the current economic climate coupled with the ridiculously inappropriate sentencing you are more likely to become a “Victim of Crime”.

Against this background, if you are burgled, there is nationally less than a one in ten chance that the burglar will be caught, let alone be sent to prison.

You cannot rely on the state to protect or defend your home. It is up to you!

It is also important to avoid the consequences of a confrontation with an offender in your home. Such confrontations always result in injury or even death. If an offender is cornered and confronted they will always fight to escape, regardless of the consequences. This is the cornered animal syndrome. This, coupled with the knowledge that they have little chance of being caught, and less chance of going to prison, makes this a very dangerous situation.

It is therefore up to you to avoid becoming a victim of yet another meaningless statistic. The following advice will help you to feel safer in your home. In order to protect your home and property a layered approach should be adopted.

Layer One – First line of defence

The boundary and outbuildings.

You should ensure that all perimeter fences and walls are in a good state of repair. A solid perimeter can be achieved in an environmentally friendly manner by protecting your boundary with hedges.

Many plants can form an attractive natural barrier with spikes and thorns that a burglar could not penetrate. Your local garden centre will give you advice on “barrier plants”.

You should ensure that all sheds, garages and outbuildings are secure. Consider fitting an audible alarm to them. Do not leave tools or ladders lying about. Such items could be used to assist an offender to gain access to your property.

Ensure that gates are in good repair and working order. Fit good quality locks and bolts to them. A securely locked gate restricts vehicular access making it more difficult for a burglar to remove the “booty”. It also means that they cannot conceal their vehicle.

If finances permit consider fitting gate automation. Such gates increase your personal safety, since you do not have to leave the security of your locked vehicle to open the gates and enter your property. Such a system also allows you to identify callers prior to opening the gate and allowing them access to your property.

Layer Two – Lighting

Burglars do not like light.
Strategically placed lighting is a very good addition to the overall security.

Security lighting can be dusk ’til dawn or passive infrared motion detection controlled. It can also be interfaced with an intruder alarm system that would turn on all the lights if the system were triggered.

Layer Three – General Security

Ensure that all ground floor doors and windows are fitted with good quality window and door locks. Doors should be fitted with a British standard lock with a minimum of 5 levers.

If going away ensure that milk and paper deliveries are cancelled. Ask a neighbour to park in the drive so that the property looks occupied.

Have internal lighting on a timer and ask a neighbour to check for post sticking out of the letterbox.

Layer Four – Intruder Alarm

You should ensure that any system installed is done so by a NACOSS or SSAIB approved installer like Eurolink . A security survey of your property will ascertain which system is best suited to your requirements and the risk factors involved.

Systems range from simple “bells only” to full GPRS Police response. The new modern systems ensure that you have efficient and false alarm free security for your home.

Layer 5 – Panic Buttons / Social Alarms

These devices can be either fixed or portable. If pushed the device will activate the alarm and alert the central monitoring station regardless of the On/Off status of the main alarm system. The central monitoring station can communicate directly with the user and as such this system is ideal for ensuring the independence of the vulnerable.

Layer 6 – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

If done well this type of security is a costly addition to your property. CCTV is not right for all properties and the decision to install such a system should always be made as part of an overall risk assessment.

In summary we hope that this helps you to avoid the heartache of a burglary. If you would like a free risk assessment of your property please feel free to contact 01242 862 711