Christmas Burglary

BURGLARY – Christmas is a good time for Burglars both before and after the holiday, lots of presents to steal.

christmas crime sceneRecently the government reported that Violent Crime, contrary to previous reported statements by the Police, is in fact on the increase. The point is that in order to meet meaningless targets the public are not being told the truth.

This goes to the issue of Trust between the Public, Police and Central Government. As Christmas approaches certain types of crime increase, the following is advice on how not to become a victim:

  1. Ensure that presents are kept out sight and not visible through the windows of the house or car.
  2. Keep Garden Gates shut and locked.
  3. After Christmas dispose of packaging discreetly. X box packaging outside the Front Door indicates to the burglar that desirable goods are available to steal inside.
  4. When going out even for a short time ensure that doors and windows are locked. If away overnight leave a light on.
  5. Remember to set the burglar alarm. If you don’t have one consider fitting one. And make sure that it is EU approved and covered by your insurance company. Many alarm systems do not meet these basic specifications and you will not be covered. At Eurolink Security we can advise you and the best system to buy so that you are protected.
  6. Ensure that outbuildings and sheds are locked. Imagine the distress if your child lost their new bike which was a Christmas present!
  7. Invest in some sensor controlled perimeter lighting.

CARAVANS – In winter the number of Caravans stolen from driveways increases.

They usually end up with itinerant, travellers or overseas.

In a recent joint UK Police operation with the Spanish Police on the Costa Blanca over seventy stolen caravans were recovered. The occupiers of these vans were often innocent parties and it is unfortunate that they had purchased what turned out to be a stolen unit.
These victims will ultimately lose their money, once legal ownership is confirmed. If you are planning to winter in Spain or considering buying a caravan in the UK or Overseas, consider these basic indications of a “Dodgy Deal”:

  1. Check the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN which is etched on the windows and chassis, both numbers should match.
  1. Look for scratches or alterations to the Vin Number.

All caravans manufactured since 1992 by members of the National Caravan Council have their details recorded on the caravan registration and identification scheme (CRIS) database. You can check a caravan VIN number by phoning CRIS on: 01722 411430. For further information also use This service costs around £20 and is well worth the money. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!


  1. At this time of the year Con-Men trade on the goodwill of the vulnerable and elderly. Do not let people into your home unless you are expecting them and have confirmed their identity. If in doubt call the Police. Do not deal with “Door to Door” Repair Men, Gardeners and Roofers etc. That loose tile they supposedly noticed whilst working in the road could be very costly indeed.
  1. If you are going away for Christmas remember to cancel Papers, Milk, etc.

In conclusion Eurolink Security offers a Free Risk Assessment and Advisory Service and can be contacted on: 01242 862 711 We would be happy to assist.

May we take this opportunity of wishing you a Safe and Happy Christmas.