HD CCTV Security Systems

HD CCTV Security Surveillance

In recent years CCTV has done much to deter crime and anti-social behaviour. Eurolink’s expertise across all types of electronic security means that we are also able to integrate HD CCTV into our other security systems, such as access control and intruder alarm systems.

It is widely recognised that HD CCTV Surveillance, used alone or as part of an integrated security package, can deter crime and improve detection rates. We have researched and developed our product range in partnership with top manufacturers to provide you with the very best there is available.

Advances in technology mean that you can now produce clear, colour images and areas can be protected by video motion detection. Hard disk recording now means that hours of footage can be analysed and actioned effectively. Indeed state of the art technology means you can view your property wherever you are in the world! With a number of leasing arrangements on offer, equipment is most definitely affordable.

Eurolink Designs and Installs HD CCTV Systems to the EN50132-7 and NCP 104 Standard thereby meeting Insurance Requirements.

All new Eurolink HD CCTV systems can be provided with Remote Access via the Internet enabling the system to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world via a laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Eurolink designs and installs HD CCTV Security Systems to the EN50132-7 and NCP 104 standard that meets  insurance requirements

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