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Eurolink Safe Contractor

SafeContractor Accreditation for Eurolink Security

Eurolink Security Installations Limited (Eurolink) with offices in Bristol and Cheltenham has been awarded a Certificate of Accreditation by Alcumus SafeContractor. Alcumus is the market-leading provider of technology-enabled compliance risk management, certification and accreditation services, supporting both UK and International...
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Safe Home

Are you Safe and Secure in your own home?

  The Police and Ministry of Justice state that burglary is decreasing. This, in my opinion, is factually incorrect! I believe that offences against property are on the increase. It is not just politically prudent to state this fact. Numerous...
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Protecting the Vulnerable

The number of attacks on elderly people has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. It used to be the case that amongst rogues, it was the unwritten law that the elderly and infirm were immune from such attacks....
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Burglary is on the Increase

Home security does not have to be expensive. According to statistics a burglary takes place in the UK every 2 minutes. Let’s fight back! The bad news is that crime statistics, death, injuries, home intrusions, and loss of property continue...
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Identity Theft – Don’t become a victim

Identity theft is the name given to a type of crime where someone illegally uses another person’s personal data to obtain goods, services, cash or a pecuniary advantage. “Real” or “Physical” crime is fast being overtaken by “Cyber” crime. 30%...
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Christmas Burglary

BURGLARY – Christmas is a good time for Burglars both before and after the holiday, lots of presents to steal. Recently the government reported that Violent Crime, contrary to previous reported statements by the Police, is in fact on the increase....
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protecting children

Who’s after your Children?

Today, online paedophiles can be likened to the “Pied Piper”. Only instead of using a pipe to lure your children away, they use the Internet instead. Internet crime against children by online predators is growing at an alarming rate. Paedophilia...
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eurolink security police line

Security Systems to Protect Your Home

The Police and Government have now come clean. Surprise, Surprise, Violent Crime and Burglary are officially on the increase! This fact has been known by the Public for many years – that the Police Service and Government have blatantly lied...
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business IT

Business IT Systems

As business information technologies converge never before have our Business IT Systems been more complicated, powerful, or flexible. The merging of Data, Voice and Surveillance using internet protocols over our Business IT Networks has allowed seamless local and remote access...
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