Business IT Systems

As business information technologies converge never before have our Business IT Systems been more complicated, powerful, or flexible.

The merging of Data, Voice and Surveillance using internet protocols over our Business IT Networks has allowed seamless local and remote access to the systems powering our enterprises.

business ITSecurity and Reliability

As business dependency grows on systems and free-flowing communications over the internet, reliability and security becomes paramount. The two factors reliability and security go hand in hand… a secure business IT system Is a reliable business IT system.

Reliability comes from careful planning, using quality components, and securing the system. An IT system is only as secure as it’s passwords and the rights of the users. Poorly configured systems give the users more rights than they require, allowing changes to the system whether intentional or not. Unfiltered internet access for users with elevated rights allows unwanted changes to the workstations, and introduce ‘viruses’ or ‘trojans’ into the system.


Enforce a “Company Computer System User Agreement” to define the allowed use of the company IT systems, and the consequences of misuse. Reference against this agreement as a benchmark for securing your company data. Secure your company data with reliable and secure systems and practices, ensure comprehensive backups, and diminish users’ rights to allow only the permissions they require to do their job. Monitor system use and ensure your system is secured against unauthorised access. Users and applications which access the internet provide the greatest risk to business IT system security. Internet access should be controlled, filtered and monitored.


Most company IT systems have grown from humble beginnings over the past 15 years. We have trusted the major vendors with our investment. Most enterprises use proprietary operating-systems and applications which continually require re-investment due to vendor releases of new versions and updates, licensing for additional users, and annual license renewals for applications. The customisation of these proprietary applications to suit the business has effectively locked them into continuous re-investment, a cost which some enterprises can afford but one which many cannot. With licensing costs squeezing the IT budget, those who cannot afford to invest in maintaining and securing their IT system fail to do so, consequently leading to additional costs of remedial consultancy… a no-win situation!

At the heart of business IT systems are the ‘servers’, a computer which governs the entire enterprise, restricts and allows access, stores and shares data, collects and delivers email, hosts applications and websites, and secures the company data. The internet is the medium connecting our companies, so the requirements of our servers need to allow seamless yet secure transmission over the internet.

Historically a server was an expensive solution adopted when the growing business IT system became unmanageable and unreliable without one. Today, with the cost of high-powered computers less than ever before, system ‘hardware’ is easily upgraded, leaving software and consultancy the main expense.

Open Source Server

The maturity of open-source servers and applications makes the open-source platform a viable alternative to commercial systems. The Unix operating system has always been the reliable, scalable giant which is trusted with the world’s critical data systems. Open-source Linux is the free public version of Unix which runs on today’s relatively inexpensive server hardware.

With the rapid advance of open-source software, IT & Communication Systems have changed for the better. Anyone can have an unrestricted enterprise IT System without the cost or shackles of proprietary licensing, with seamless and secure internet access to their business IT systems.

The internet is powered by open-source;

Apache is the most popular web-server on the internet. MySQL is the mainstream open-source database server. Qmail is the second most popular MTA in the world.

Google is the world’s open-source search engine.

Wikipedia is the world’s open-source encyclopaedia, with many sister projects.

Open-Office by SUN Microsystems is a free open-source office suite compatible with Microsoft.

Firefox web-browser and Thunderbird email client by Mozilla are open-source applications.

Ubuntu is a complete and free open-source workstation desktop operating system offering a complete desktop solution.

SME Server is a complete and free open-source server platform offering a complete enterprise IT system. An SME Server provides the same network functionality for Vista, XPPro, XPHome, W98 & W95 workstations as would a Windows Small Business Server, functioning as a domain controller with roaming profiles, domain security, email, file sharing, and application server. Powerful web-based applications complete the business IT platform; Alfresco, vTigerCRM, Mailman, GroupOffice, Zarafa, Mediawiki, WordPress, Horde, Dansguardian.

“If you are considering your Business IT System, get good advice!”

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