Alarm Response Policy

The Association of Chief Police Officers Alarm Response Policy

Two major elements of the new policy are a more rigorous false alarm policy and the promotion of Alarm Confirmation in order to reduce the number of false alarms, specifically;

  • Following 2 false calls in a rolling 12 month period the Police Response will be withdrawn
  • Any system which loses Police Response due to false alarms will only be reinstated to Police Response if the system employs Alarm Confirmation and is compliant to EN50131, PD6662 standard.
  • Police Forces may charge currently up to £60 for the issue of a Unique Reference Number (URN), and all new URN applications will require the system user to complete a Health & Safety Risk Assessment of their premises.
  • Should Personal Attack (PA) Response be withdrawn the system will only be reinstated if Sequentially Verified Electronic Personal Attack Buttons are installed. The system must also comply  with EN50131, PD6662 standard.
  • As from now all new intruder systems installed must use Alarm Confirmation technology to qualify for Police Response.

Alarm Confirmation is a method by which additional signals are sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to help identify genuine alarm activations.

Accepted methods of Confirmation are;

  • Audio Confirmation
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Sequential Confirmation
  • Certain combinations of Dual Signalling system activations.

Eurolink supplies a full range of Alarm Confirmation systems and we are a leading supplier of the most popular method of Confirmation, Sequential Confirmation, with a large number of systems already installed throughout the country

In conclusion Eurolink can meet the most basic to the most complex integrated security solution requirement in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Eurolink supplies a full range of Alarm Confirmation Systems and we are a leading supplier of the most popular method of Confirmation

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